What is the best influencers strategy for your e-commerce?

influencer strategy

By Benjamin Blachère on Aug 2017, in E-commerce

Influencers and bloggers are becoming key for your online marketing, and especially for your e-commerce. An influencer strategy will improve your indexing and traffic. By starting a conversation about you and your brand, it will also improve your notoriety.

In order for this strategy to be fully efficient and for you to build strong relationships with influencers, good practices must be followed. You will find below the strategy implemented for a brand new Online shop, Comète Paris, and its results.

Why implement an influencer strategy?

Comète Paris is a baby pyjama brand, created at the end of 2016. Its aim was to gain a strong position quickly, develop its notoriety online, and stand-out on the baby/children clothing market. The influencer strategy became indispensable because it can have effect on all of these goals:

  • Links posted on the influencers platforms will improve the website indexing;
  • Influencers will help spread the world about Comète Paris on each of their platforms (blogs, social media, etc.);
  • Added bonus, Influencers posts will help improve the brand’s social media and gain followers and audience.

How do we work?

We start working with Comète Paris as soon as they were live, at the end of 2016. This allowed us to improve Comete Paris’ reputation early, create a momentum, and quickly get their chance in the sun. We thus first analyzed the baby/children clothing market and the e-RP strategies already implemented by its competitors.

This allowed us to:

  • identify what kind of actions would help Comète Paris stand out; and
  • spot which influencers are already interested by partnerships with baby/children brands.

Once this first strategy conducted, we started identifying and contacting relevant influencers for Comète Paris. Since Comète Paris wanted to improve its notoriety, it was really important to contact influencers that shared the values and aesthetic of the brand. We reached out to each influencer personally with tailor-made emails. We know that personalization helps build a strong relationship and improves the answer rate.


In 9 months, 70% of bloggers contacted answered. 30% of contacts became non-paid partnerships.

Since Comète Paris is a very young brand, we only established non-paid partnerships, that is to say that Comète Paris offered one PJ per influencer, in exchange for an article, with no additional remuneration.

Since the launch of the website, referring domains have skyrocketed. That improvement is mainly due to the influencer strategy. Source: ahrefs

Different kind of partnerships were launched: contests on social media, articles on blogs, interview on the career path of the creator of Comète Paris, etc. Having partnerships fits each influencer and his readership behavior improves the results of the influencer strategy.


Online contests with Faire Part Créatif et Magic Maman

Instagram partnership with Minireyve

Having an influencer strategy is really important for e-commerces, whereas it is for small or big, young or already settled businesses. This strategy will help your business gain more notoriety and visibility, and help your brand stand out.

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Benjamin Blachère

CEO at SLAP digital Co-founder Euromarketing Network