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We’re 3WhiteHats, a digital marketing agency that likes to do things a bit differently. We take the fuss and frustration out of digital marketing, and keep our clients smiling with our flexible, creative and technical approach. We focus on simplifying the complex, and delivering results in an original and refreshingly straightforward way.

What do our clients say about us? They tell us we’re more proactive, we go further, work harder, and deliver more. And that’s how we help them get found and be happy.

To consistently drive results, we always craft bespoke strategies around specific client briefs. Every campaign is different, but one thing always stays the same: we’re always white hat. And we’re always fully transparent. That’s two things, actually… Visit website


We are a marketing agency focused in the continuous improvement of our Client’s business results.

We offer our Clients a comprehensive marketing service, both online and offline, although as you know, today the trend is to go online. But honestly, this is a distinction we do not like to make. In reality, we will choose the appropriate tools depending on what your project is lacking. If you need to organise an event, we can do that for you, and, if needed, we will create online campaigns to get the highest impact. If you need to redesign your website and make a launching campaign with SEM, press office and media purchase, we can do it too.

No tales We won’t tell you any tales. We would rather listen to your story. Come meet us and tell us what you want to do.

We believe in you If your project looks viable and you want to take it forward, we will stand by your side. We help our Clients to improve their image and reach all customers and prospects through different channels. Visit website


Digital growth agency

Succeeding in online communications activities is increasingly complex and you are under increasing pressure to achieve better results with very tight budgets.

The digital environment is becoming very competitive and the costs are mechanically increasing. In addition, with the proliferation of levers and opportunities you may not have the internal skills to implement your digital activities optimally.

The SLAP digital team is expert in identifying opportunities of performance improvement throughout the prospect / client course: Acquisition (generate visits) / Activation (capture visitor’s contact information) / Retention (establish customer loyalty).

With an approach based on the collection and analysis of data, SLAP digital identifies the blocking points in each of these steps and makes concrete recommendations for improvement. Following these initial advice, the consultant team is able to operationally deploy these activities in partnership with its customers. Visit website


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