How to Setup a MailChimp Landing Page

By Néstor Tejero on Feb 2018, in Email Marketing, Web

It’s no secret anymore, MailChimp lets you create simple, easy to use landing pages without even having to leave the service. This is an incredibly handy ace to have up the sleeve of any email marketer. Whether you’re looking to push a new product, or increase your subscribers, spread the word about a new special offer, this feature helps you to achieve your goals by providing an easy bridge between your website and email marketing strategy. Best of all, it’s for free!

What is a landing page?

Let’s start with the basics: a landing page is a web page that serves as a gateway to your website from any digital marketing campaign, whether its through a banner, email, or social media post.

On the surface, a brand’s landing page looks very much the same as the rest of its website, only in this case the interface is much simpler. Landing pages often don’t contain a menus, login forms, or any other features that might distract from the main purpose of the page.

In short, a landing page is 100% conversion-focused. The main elements you’ll want to include are:

  1. A proposed value, product or service
  2. Images or video content that is
    • Relevant to the value, product or service
    • Also featured in the email, banner or post that links to the landing page
  3. An enticing explanation of the product or service that is being offered
  4. A call to action (CTA) that enables the conversion, such as a shopping cart, or signup form

TOP TIP: Pride yourself on speedy delivery? Excellent customer service? Let your users know what sets you apart from the competition by adding testimonials, user reviews, and other positive references to your landing page.

So what can I use MailChimp landing pages for?

MailChimp landing pages can be used for one of two purposes:

  • Sales: The landing page is used to push a new product, update, or special offer, and includes all the necessary information to convince your customers to make a speedy purchase. Consider using accelerator phrases like “for a limited time only”, or “only available with the first 50 purchases” to really drive that sale home.
  • Leads: These help you to find out more about your users by getting them to fill out an online form, usually in exchange for something, such as a webinar, online course, free demo or discount. Remember — the rate of conversion is inversely proportioned to the quantity of information that you ask for. Think carefully about what information you need to get out of your landing form. The more little white boxes your you ask your users to full out, the lower the conversion rate will be.

Using MailChimp to create your landing page

Designing your landing page, you’ll use the same interface you usually use to create newsletters. So if you’re already know how to use MailChimp to set up EDM campaigns or automations, then this should be easy. What’s more, connecting your online store to MailChimp will allow you to add your products directly to the landing page as you design it.

Let’s go step by step through the process of setting up your first landing page without ever leaving MailChimp:

In this example, our company Mad4Madrid is promoting a wine and tapas event and wants to persuade users to sign up and reserve their place.



First we want to go to “create a campaign” from the “campaigns” menu in our account. This will open up a new window where we can select “create a landing page” at the bottom right.

      landing page step 1


We’re now at the “Design a Landing Page” window which offers one of two landing page templates

  1. Signup Page: Allows you gather information on your subscribers
  2. Product Page: Drives sales and promote new products — you’ll need to connect your online store to MailChimp in order to use this template

landing page step 3

landing page step 2

For our wine and tapas event, we’ll want to select “Signup Page” and give our landing page a name in the box below. You’ll all want to choose an email list to send the landing page to — select this from the dropdown box provided.

landing page step 4


Hitting “Begin” will bring up the MailChimp Design Panel, complete with everything we need to get our landing page set up and running:

  • A header for our logo
  • Enticing text box where you can tell users what they get for signing up
  • Basic signup form

landing page step 5

We’re going to personalise each one of these modules so that it mirrors the same look we use on the Mad4Madrid website.

Keep it consistent: Open a draft campaign that you’ve previously used in another tab and copy your fonts, images and anything else you might need from the HTML into the landing page

You can also add other components to your landing page as you see fit. For Mad4Madrid we’ve added an image, and two columns to the text box so we can highlight important event information. We’ve also personalised the colour of the signup button.

 landing page step 6


Once we’ve got out landing page ready and looking just how we like it, we click “Save and Continue”. The next window will allow us to make some further edits to the page, such as its title, URL or sender list. If we need to go back and make any further changes, we can also hit “Design Landing Page” from the “Content” section.

landing page step 7

At the very top you can choose to either “Publish” our landing page or “Finish Later” if we’re not quite ready yet — in this case you’ll be able to find your draft landing page in the Campaigns section. “Publish” will instantly launch your landing page with its personalised URL and title.

All you need to do now is paste it into your email marketing campaign. It’s time to start generating leads!


REMEMBER: Your landing page has a URL that can be shared on social media to generate even more leads. You can also create a chain of automations with MailChimp to send out your URL automatically.

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Néstor Tejero

CEO and Consultant in Strategy and Marketing at Agencia Reinicia Co-founder Euromarketing Network